Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's Luxury, Doing What you Love......

My favorite place to sit and relax.....

It has been quite awhile since I've posted. I've missed writing this blog, but work and life got in the way; that is my inspiration for today's post, doing what you love. So many times we get caught up in the day to day grind that we forget to sit back, relax, take a breath and do what we love. I had forgotten how much I like to write about home, interiors and what I find to be everyday luxuries, until I recently took the time to revisit some of my posts; I have neglected to even take notice of the simple luxuries in my everyday life!!

So today I'm going back to the start, I am going to get back to doing and noticing the things that I love to do; taking the time to list at least 5 a day.

Today's list includes:
1-Sitting in my favorite spot (pictured above) having my morning coffee (and hopefully a glass of wine tonight!!)
2-Meditating on the positive things I hope to bring into my life. I've read a lot of good books on this subject that have helped and I will post about at a later date.
3-Wearing my new pair of boots.
4-Talking to my daughter after her day at school; it is always so refreshing to hear a 6 year old's perspective!!!
5-Thinking of new subjects I can post about!!

Simply listing things that you love, want to do or are thankful for is such an easy and uplifting thing to do. It can help you through a trying time or make a good time even better. I suggest you take a few minutes today to make a list, I promise it's one of the simplest and best luxuries there is!!