Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

If you could glance into the future, at the end of 2013, and see that everything is exactly as you wanted, would you be content, let go of worries and absolutely enjoy the present, the now?  I have been doing a lot of reading about setting intentions, using the power of your subconcious mind, praying, connecting to your higher self, learning to create your own reality by what you think.....  Everything I read states the same thing, "think from the end";  visualize, believe, know that what you desire is yours, it is done. 
Once you have given it a lot of thought, it is easy to think about what you want in life.  The belief that it is coming to you and allowing it to happen are the hard parts.  That means trusting;  trusting a higher power to bring all the people, circumstances, events together to arrange precisely what you desire.  We want control, we want to put together the deal, we want to figure out all the exacting details.  This includes worrying about when it's going to happen, how it's going to happen, why hasn't it happened yet?  We become quickly discouraged when it doesn't show up immediately after we state the intention.  All the worry, all the angst, all the struggle does not bring us anything but more worry, more angst, more struggle....  I know this all too well. 
Stating our intention, believing, expecting, knowing it is coming, all while enjoying the now is how it will come to us.  We forget to trust that we are closer to our higher power, God, the universe, source, whatever you call it, than we think.  I'm not saying there is no work involved, anyone who has put their mind to think in the positive and belief knows it takes a lot of work to get there.  It is a new way of thinking for most, especially me;  training your mind to focus from the negative chatter in your head to your positive desires.  Once you do this, your higher power, God, the universe, source, whatever your belief, will start sending out clues for you to act upon and the things you desire will start showing up.  It is your job to recognize the leads and act upon them accordingly.
Gratitude is a big part of the equation.  Being thankful for what you have, the clues that are given and all the other positive things will bring more to you.  What you focus on grows.  Wouldn't you rather grow a garden full of flowers than of weeds?  Grow positives instead of negatives?
Knowing that the force inside you, when directed properly and nurtured, creates and guides your life is a delicious thing!!   We tend to believe that forces outside ourselves control us, this is untrue.  We have all been given the power to create the lives of peace and happiness that we desire, we just need to learn to tap into this source and trust. Once we do and we believe and are grateful, we learn to create what we want by going deep within ourselves and believing it is done with our higher good in mind. 
This blog will still be about design, but as I'm learning, to truly live a "luxurious life"  it is important to be in touch with our power within and recognize our blessings and our ability to create "luxury" on a much deeper level.  This is a journey I am on to truly create a life that is not only beautiful looking, but is full of deeper meaning and beauty.  One that is full of the power of love;  love of design, love of work, love of life, love of family and others, love and gratitude.......
My greatest wish for the new year is that I can look back at it when it's over and realize that all is exactly as I wanted and that I enjoyed it with peace and happiness as it was progressing.