Monday, September 20, 2010

My Ode to Monday..............

Today is Monday, it is the beginning of a whole new week; A week of possibility, a week of new beginnings, a week that can be anything you want it to be!! There is a Gaelic proverb that states, Monday is the key day of the week, I believe this to be true. Monday is the measuring stick for the rest of the week. If you perceive Monday to be bad, sluggish, full of angst, you will drag that attitude with you for the other 4 days. If you view your Monday as full of possibility and renewal, you will take that attitude with you for the other 4 days, being amazed at what you can find when you open your eyes!!
Monday is one of life's little luxuries!! It is a chance to start a new, take a step back and re evaluate what you would like the whole new week to be!! If you didn't like the way your last week went, too much work, too many crabby people, no time for yourself...... not to worry, you are still here and Monday is a whole other opportunity to start fresh. Monday is a day to start over, look at problems and anxieties in a whole other light. Set goals for the week ahead, tell yourself that everyday is full of possibility and Monday is just the beginning!! Start the week off with the best luxury of all, an attitude of grattitude!! Be thankful for Monday and have a beautiful day!!!

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