Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Perfect Fall Sunday........

To me, Sunday is all about family, friends and self reflection. Sunday is a day to enjoy your home and family, the one day of the week that everyone has fewer obligations and is able to spend together in the space you have created together. I love the thought of a leisurely Sunday lunch that is spent with the people you love, eating the food you love in a space that you love and make ready for that time. It is a day to relax and recharge for the week ahead. It is a chance to reflect on what you want the new week to be. Sundays should be filled with love, laughter and good times. I love Sunday!!
Here is a pictorial of how I dream my Sundays to be:

Living Room by Barbara Barry
Wake up to a beautiful room where I have sometime to myself while the house is quiet to have a cup of great coffee and read a book.

Pancakes by Martha Stewart
Have a breakfast of big fluffy pancakes with my family.

My Backyard
Spend sometime outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature!!

Nino Salvaggios
Take my time at a great market browsing and collecting for a feast ahead!! Then spend the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen, lovingly preparing comfort food for my family to enjoy.

Salad by The Barefoot Contessa
We would start off with a simple salad

By The Barefoot Contessa
Then indulge in a big portion of cheesy lasagna.

By The Barefoot Contessa
Finish the meal with a decadent cake.

By The Barefoot Contessa
Served, of course, at a beautifully set table filled with laughter and good food.

Relax enjoying my favorite TV show, Madmen, before going off to bed.
I wish you a great Sunday!!! Enjoy!!

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