Monday, October 4, 2010

Starting Monday Off With A Room I Love......

Sloan Mauran's Living Room courtesy of

The above pictures are of Designer Sloan Mauran's Toronto living room. The entry to the room is in the middle and she has a seating area at either end. Sloan has said about her style "My look is sophisticated and tailored with a nod to the classics". I think that is a perfect description of this room. I first saw her home on an episode of Canadian House and Home's tv show. That was a few years ago when it was on HGTV; HGTV stopped airing the show, just like they do with any good design show they have on, but I digress......
I like her clean, tailored and modern approach to the design of this space. There is nothing fussy or complicated about this room. There are a lot of elements to the design of this room but by neutralizing them it becomes sophisticated and clean rather than busy and cluttered looking.
For example:
  • Painting the molding the same color as the wall gives it a clean and modern look.
  • A limited color palate combines the varying elements of the room. The two seating areas have different furnishings but are done in the same color palate; both sets of chairs are browns, the sofas are creams and the wood tables are dark. This makes the two separate areas of the room, a whole. If she would have had one side brights and the other neutrals the room would have seemed disconnected. This affect can be acheived with any color palate, as long as it is the same on both sides of the room.
  • The fireplace at one end of the room is balanced out by the statement art piece at the other end. The bold blue piece works well against the dark box of the fireplace and the large sculpture by it.
  • The amount of accessories are balanced on both sides of the room. The animal print on the stools is also balanced by the fur pillows on the sofa at the other end.
  • The room maintains symmetry at either end without being an exact replica. For example, both sofas are flanked by two side tables, two chairs and a coffee table, but are different on each side.

Modern Glam is my favorite style of design. I think the above room is a great example of that style. Looking at a beautifully designed room is my little luxury of the day. Enjoy!!

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