Monday, April 12, 2010

Life's little luxury... Flowers

I can't sing the praises of fresh flowers loud enough!! You will read a lot about them here in this blog. I think flowers add a bit of luxury to any setting. Add a vase of flowers to a dinner table, a bathroom vanity, bedside table, coffee table, window sill, etc... the atmosphere changes. The color, the beauty of the flower itself and the sweet smell automatically brighten my mood. Something as simple as flowers and votive candles on the dinner table on any night makes the meal seem more special. Most people wait until they have guests to add flowers and candles to a table, I think they bring a relaxed feel to an average dinner night. Doesn't having flowers and candles at the table make you want to linger longer, enjoying the time and company of your own family? Spending a few more minutes of family time, isn't that luxury?
You don't have to be an expert flower arranger to create a beautiful look, I'm certainly not!! Keep it simple!! I generally keep one type of flower grouped in a vase. If I want to bring more colors and types in, I group several like vases all with one type of flower together. This is very easy to do and adds a lot of interest. See photos above.
Add some fresh flowers to your house today. The look, the smell, the texture, the ease will make your room feel a little more luxurious!!

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