Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unexpected Luxury

I received a book, that I ordered, in the mail today. I have been waiting to get it. It is "American Modern" by Thomas O'Brien. He is one of my favorite Interior Designers, he has a very clean and eclectic style. He mixes styles and periods very well, using an almost monocromatic color scheme that works well because he includes many different textures. I flipped through briefly, the pictures are divine!! Makes me want to jump right in!!

This is an unplanned post and an unexpected luxury!!! My family, whom I love dearly, decided to go to a baseball game impromptly tonight. This leaves me home alone, unexpectedly!! So I have the house to myself, my new book, a glass of wine, salmon in the oven and a cool breeze blowing through the windows!! Photos above show my favorite place to sit in the house. My glass of wine is waiting for me by a vase of my favorite flowers, all I need is a candle!! I would say this is a little unexpected luxury at the end of a busy day. I hope you find one too!!

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