Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A few minutes of bliss.....

An ideal room for me!! A fabulous interior by Vicente Wolf
I have a lot to do today!! I have many places to be and many people to meet with. I am absolutely grateful that my schedule is full today with design tasks, but I am already thinking about the end of the day when I can take, maybe 20 minutes to catch my breath before I'm onto dinner and taking my child to her swim practice!!
I am dreaming about lounging in the Vicente Wolf room in the photo above. I love everything about this room, the mix of the classic and contemporary furnishings, the mix of warm hues against the white walls, the mix of formal chairs and area rug with the more casual couch and chair, the horizontal mirrors that appear to be windows...... It is a well done mix that would be ideal for me!!
I picture myself lounging on the comfortable sofa, with a glass of wine and my favorite design magazines. The room is nice and clean, pleasant to look at and I'm sure the temperature is perfect!! Today, take a few minutes before your busy day starts and imagine yourself relaxing in your ideal room. Think about the elements that make up your most relaxing space, picture yourself there doing something that relaxes you. After all, isn't starting a hectic day knowing a break is coming, if only in your mind, the most luxurious thing of all!!

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  1. You have really painted a picture for relaxation!

    I love this room as well for the exact same reasons. The best part is the lighting. I think a room with optimal lighting can really do everything for your space.