Friday, June 4, 2010


One of my all time favorite bedrooms by Frank Roop

All photos from Frank Roop's website

I am ready to change the pillows on my family room sofa. It is a beige chenille sofa and now I have brown silk paisley pillows mixed with a soft blue cotton fabric pillows. I like the mix a lot, but am thinking I want to infuse a little more color now that it's summer. I am going to take inspiration from Frank Roop.
I love the work of Frank Roop. He is a designer out of the Boston area who used to work in men's specialty clothing. He takes the design principals he learned in men's suiting and applies them to his interiors so they have a couture feel. What I love about his work is his fresh use of color. I am impressed how he subtly mixes palates of blues, greens, grays and beiges with pops of a bright. I am focused on his pillows. He always uses solids, mostly velvets and I think the mastering of the color palate is what gives them a sophisticate air, instead of coming off as cute.
Along with my beige sofa I have chairs that have burgundy in them, so I could get away with some of the soft blues and seafoam greens he has in his rooms. This will also give a new feeling of freshness to my room.
I just love the bedroom in the top photo. This room is what interested me to look at his other work. I love the soft mix of color, the eclectic mix of furnishings and the formality of the architecture against the relaxed feel of the furnishings; I think the room looks sophisticated and playful at the same time!!
I am going to look for fabric and have some new pillows made for my sofa. I will post when done. Today's luxury is to look for a way to add a pop of freshness to an existing interior. It could be adding a new color palate in pillows, candles, vases, pictures. Look for interiors photos that catch your eye and borrow ideas from them. I am certainly going too!!

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