Monday, June 21, 2010

The Monday Blues (and Browns!!)......

My Jonathan Adler journal that I keep client notes and sketches in.

A Restful Blue/Brown combination by Barbara Barry, Veranda Magazine

A mostly brown room with subtle hints of blue accessories, chair back, lamp shade, light fixture and flowers. House Beautiful Magazine

A grand blue and brown scheme. House Beautiful Magazine.

Blue upholstery and dark wood furniture. House Beautiful Magazine.

Bright blue against dark brown. House Beautiful Magazine

A dreamy blue bed against a calming brown wall. House Beautiful Magazine.

Combination of patterned and solid browns and blues. House Beautiful Magazine

Just a shot of blue in this mostly neutral room. House Beautiful Magazine

Mostly neutral with a subtle hint of blue in the ottoman and artwork. Vicente Wolf

Mostly blue with a hint of dark wood. William Sonoma Home

One of my favorite color combinations now is blue and brown. I think it has such a rich and elegant feel; combining both warmth and serenity. I have been drawn to it in photos and in personal item like the Jonathan Adler journal I carry with me to keep client notes and sketches in. I have always loved browns and deep carmel colors but would combine them with celedon greens, for my own personal spaces. I did venture out awhile ago and buy a deep blue chenille settee for my home that sits against a dark chocolate wall.
As you can see, from the photos above there are many ways that you can approach a blue and brown scheme. It is very versatile, it goes well in a traditional, modern, eclectic, contemporary or old world setting. You can have a mostly brown and neutral scheme with hints of blue or a mostly blue scheme with hints of brown. The blue or the brown can come from the color of the wood in the furnishings, the wall color, the accessories, the lighting, the upholstery...... The possibilities are endless!! If you want to try this combination in your home, you could start by adding removable items such as pillows, replacing a lampshade, adding a brown wood box and a blue glass bowl or vase to a table, adding blue hydrangeas... it can be simple. If you are ready to make a big leap paint the walls chocolate brown and add grey blue velvet somewhere in the room. Or, buy a fabulous journal in this color scheme or try brown pants with a light blue shirt!!
The browns and blues should have similar hues to make the combination pleasing. I would suggest playing with paint chips to find combinations that go well together, or find an item that has a nice mix of the colors and follow the color combination already figured out for you!! Have fun, try something new!!

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