Monday, June 14, 2010

Have a Lovely Monday!!!

The loveliest roses, cabbage rose.

A close up of a delicate peonie

Vintage tea cups carefully stacked. Photo from Little Doll Face's photo stream

Both Jo Malone's candles and the packaging are lovely.

Temple St. Clair jewelry is a vision of loveliness.

A lovely little tea party.

A lovely bridal lunch. Veranda magazine

A lovely white Shabby Chic bed

Nothing is as simple and lovely as a Tiffany box, except what is inside!!

Lovely little Petit Fours by Dragonfly Cakes

One of my favorite words is lovely. It's definition conjures up all sorts of beautiful images: Lovely; full of love; loving; Inspiring love or affection; having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye; enjoyable, delightful. When I think of something lovely, I picture things that are very feminine. Thoughts of afternoon teas, simply adorned bridal tables, pale pink flowers, scented candles, soft colors, delicate jewelry and small decorated pastries float through my head!!
Pictured above are a few photos that display what my personal definition of lovely is. I think it is simple, delicate and feminine. The tissue paper softness of a peonie or cabbage rose petal, the fine thin delicately flowered porcelain of a tea cup, the well mannered tea party, the beautiful blue of a Tiffany box and simply ruffled crisp sheets are, well, lovely visions to have dancing in your head on a Monday morning.
I also think lovely is more than a look, it's an attitude. You can feel the warmth of a lovely, kind person before they even speak. It is a welcoming look, a kind smile, eyes full of joy that say "approach me, glad to meet you" that make a person lovely. Kindness, thoughtfullness, integrity are words I use to describe a lovely person.
Today's little luxury is to find something lovely in your day. Seeing lovely, being lovely and meeting lovely is one of the best luxuries of all!!

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