Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Home as a reflection of self.....

All photos from Elle Decor's Metropolitan Home archives

I am a little nostalgic today for my favorite design publication, Metropolitan Home. The last issue was published in December of 2009; I have years worth of back issues saved to use as inspiration and reference. I loved the urban, sophisticated home decor that they featured. I fell in love with the aesthetic and was always in awe of the way that contemporary and modern were mixed with antique and traditional. Most people's tastes are a mix of styles and the homes featured in the magazine always reflected this character.
As I was looking through old issues, I came across the home of George Stephanopolis and Ali Wentworth. I love this home!! I could move right in. It was done by an interior designer named Elizabeth Martin. I love the way she balanced the masculine and the feminine. The living room is both sophisticated and playful. The architecture of the room is stately and traditional and she balanced it out nicely with some fun elements such as the carpeting (they said they painted themselves with fabric paint!!), fuschia footstools, the hints of lavender and the homeowner's shell collection.
I love the brightness of the living room contrasted with the warmth of the family room. A chance to express two different design concepts in one home but she did it in such a manner they don't feel so removed from each other. That is the beauty of home design; your life has many different facets to it and you should be able to explore this with your interiors. You should be able to combine different styles and design concepts to reflect your self and not think you need to stay with one style through your own home. Your personality is not one dimensional and your home shouldn't be either. Hiring a good designer, even for a consultation, can help you pull the different styles together. Working with different styles can be tricky!!!
I think the designer did a great job reflecting the different sides of the homeowner's personality. You can tell by looking at their home that they are fun, sophisticated and worldly. The mix of the different design elements makes their home both comfortable and beautiful. Think of the different sides of your personality, what makes you, you and how you can incorporate that into your home. Afterall, making your house your home is the biggest luxury of all!!

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