Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A beautifully fresh space by Vicente Wolf
Photo from Vicente Wolf Associates website
Spring and it's freshness has been on my mind lately (you've probably noticed this from some of my earlier posts!!). I feel like in the spring and summer the lines of interior and exterior become blurred. People are outside more often enjoying the beauty of nature and want to pull that into their homes. I think that's where the notion of "spring cleaning" comes from; when the world feels so fresh, bright and crisp and smells so heavenly, you want to hold onto that and own it in your own space.
One of my favorite interior designers, Vicente Wolf, does this notion of fresh interiors to perfection. I am drawn to photos of his work in every publication he has been in. He uses a limited palette of colors in his rooms and always uses white walls and trim; but the way he chooses to use color, a hint of grey blue or a dark table or chair leg in an all cream setting, make the space come alive and the contrasts seem so fresh!! I am in awe of the way he contrasts furniture shapes too. Curvy paired with straight, modern paired with antique, he is a master of blending opposing elements and forms together creating pure sophistication!! His rooms appear simple but they are quite a masterful balance of the unexpected. I love the unexpected in design, it is what makes it unique, interesting, awe inspiring and fresh!!
Freshness is what we crave in the warmer months. It is so refreshing to walk into a home that conveys the crispness of the season. In upcoming posts I will talk about adding elements to your existing interiors to make them pop with freshness. Afterall, isn't the notion of bringing some of the feeling of summer into your home quite luxurious?

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  1. Lovely. I want that couch. I dream of a linen couch!