Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sun is a Fantastic Motivator

There is nothing like a perfectly sunny weekend to motivate you around the house. There is something about the clear, crisp light reflecting on your surroundings that seems to get people thinking about spring cleaning, sprucing up the yard and home improvement in general. I think seeing nature bloom and grow all around us, showing us fresh, bright hues ,inspires us to bring that feel to our personal spaces. A little refresher for the soul!!

This weekend I took inventory of what I want to accomplish around my house this summer. I want to:
  • Refine a few areas around my yard, add a few planting beds, define the area around my daughters swing set adding a seating area near by and add splashes of color by adding potted plants around (I love potted gardens, I will blog about this later)
  • Add a pergola to my deck for better shade from the sun and extra seating for comfort.
  • Add some detail and paint to the small bath

Being inspired to work in the yard this weekend made me think about how a few small improvements can make my space much more enjoyable. I feel lucky to have a beautiful setting with lots of trees (4 of which are fabulously colorful Japanese maples), lots of green and lots of space. I decided I am going to add a few things that will enhance this feeling and make it more comfortable to enjoy. The pergola is really going to help since we get a lot of sun and I haven't been happy with the coverage the umbrellas have given us, I've tried many!! I'm excited to get started!! Some of it I will do by myself and some of it I will hire done. I will blog about these projects as they happen.

Take inventory of your yard, list what it is that you enjoy about it and think of ways you can enhance it's potential. Add seating around a garden you enjoy so you can spend more time around it's beauty, add low maintenance potted plants in an area you need color but don't want to fuss with; there are many things you can do. Being inspired by your own surroundings is a luxury you should take advantage of!!

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