Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Martha, Martha, Martha!!!

Martha in her guest house, courtesy of Martha Stewart.com
Just say the name Martha and everyone knows who you are talking about; she is a one name celebrity to the likes of Madonna and Cher. Her name conjures up all kinds of beautiful images of parties, flowers, home decor and clean organized spaces. She has become the world's best known lifestyle expert; Ask her any question about entertaining, cooking, crafting, decorating, home maintenance, and she has an eloquent answer at the ready!!
Martha wasn't always "Martha" to the world. Before she created an empire she was a student, a model, a stockbroker and a caterer. I am sure she wore all of these hats with as much finesse as the one she wears now. The one thing she has always had for herself was faith and a vision. I admire Martha immensley; not only for the empire she has created, but for the way she accomplished this. Her vision and her drive have kept her focused on her goal, no matter what was happening around her or what was said about her. She has always come back with such grace and a beautifully set table to boot!!
If you think about what she accomplished during the climate of late 1980's and early 1990's it's amazing. She built an empire out of "home making", during the era of the "super woman", who wanted to be out in the workforce, full time, and turning their backs on the "June Cleaver" days of their mother's. She made embracing the home and all the chores that come along with it, beautiful and graceful, instead of mundane. Woman everywhere wanted a little "Martha Stewart" in their homes. She is doing what she loves and in embracing that vision she has created a beautiful lifestyle for herself and has influenced countless millions of lives in the process.
Martha Stewart has the most "Luxurious Life", not because she has dined with Presidents and Kings, owns countless properties, has lots of money and lavishly travels the world; But because she dreamed a beautiful dream for her life that was so big that the world embraced it. She believed in her vision, stuck to it, had faith in it and has proven that if all her luxuries are taken from her tomorrow, she is still "Martha"; She will come back bigger and better than ever with even more fans!! Her faith and her vision is stronger than any detractor!! She is larger than life!
So Martha, I raise my glass of crandberry cassis, (properly aged for 22 days in my antique cordial glass bought at an estate sale), to you!! For you are a true inspiration of spirit. I hope to take your lessons of faith in yourself and vision with me on my journey, for they are truly something to be embraced.
Today's little luxury is to take a que from Martha's life. Have faith in yourself and who you are. Do what you love and be who you want to be. There will always be "nay sayers", but if you have a true sense of who you are, live your life to the fullest to please yourself and always have good in mind, you will have the most luxurious life of all!!


  1. As I get older, I'm totally owning the fact that I love trying to be a domestic goddess (possible overstatement), but Martha totally makes it feel okay to be just that. It's not some throwback to the 1950s when that was all women were believed to be capable of. So, I'm in agreement with you, she is quite inspirational:)



  2. So true - Martha is all at once inspirating and awe inspiring!
    Love your line - 'live your life to the fullest to please yourself and always have good in mind'

    I've written the last bit down ;)

    Hope you're having a beautiful week!