Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, Monday... The party is over, but the good times have just begun!!

Remnants of a party.........

As I'm walking around the house this morning, picking up remainders of the weekend, containers from the take out dinner I didn't have to cook, magazines I was looking at while lounging , dolls my daughter was playing with; I keep thinking, I miss Sunday!! Sunday is a lazy day. When I think of Sunday I imagine, reading the paper with a cup of coffee, having brunch with family and friends, browsing at the bookstore. The word Sunday, for me, conjures up a quiet relaxed atmosphere. Sunday is your best friend!! But today is Monday; Monday has a bad reputatation. Monday is the day that the week starts, the day when you have to do all the things you put off during the weekend, the day work starts; People call it the "Monday Blues". I will begin my mad rush of carpenters, drawings, carpet samples, paint samples and getting my daughter ready for school in about 10 mins!!

But to put it in perspective...... Monday is a new beginning!! It's the first day of the week, a new opportunity to start the projects you've been putting off or getting a new perspective on the ones you are working on. It's a challange to start learning something new during the week, contacting an old friend or for accomplishing something you've been putting off. You have a whole new week ahead of you that could be whatever you want it to be!! Monday is a Fresh Start!!

Today's little luxury is simply Monday. A lovely day, that sometimes gets mis labeled. Make Monday a great start to a terrific week ahead!!


  1. This post made me think of the Kirsten Dundst movie, Marie Antoinette. The post-party, that is. Love your milk glass! My mom has a few nice pieces, but honestly, I don't see much true milk glass when shopping vintage...

  2. I have a small collection of Milk Glass. I will post pictures when I do a post on collecting. There is a store in Fenton that has a great selection. Let me know when you are in town and I'll direct you there!!