Monday, August 9, 2010

Comfort Zone

One thing that is often on my mind is personal style. I have blogged about this several times; about how to start recognizing yours and following it and also about being fascinated with people's personal choices, in fashion and home decor, and how they come to these. Along with all of this, I think people generally have a "comfort zone" when it comes to personal choices. I know I do when it comes to fashion. This becomes very evident when I step out of mine and try something new. For example, months ago when my husband and I went to a resort in Mexico, I bought a maxi dress. I wore it to dinner, one night at the resort, with flat sandals, bangle bracelets and a pair of hoop earrings. At the resort, I felt very comfortable and stylish in this dress, I had never worn a maxi dress before, but felt like it fit in with the carefree resort atmosphere. Flash forward to this summer. I wore the dress to a dinner function we attended, I felt like I had a costume on!! The style of dress was appropriate for where we were at, I am 5'-10" so I can carry a maxi dress, if I saw somebody else in this outfit, I would've thought she was stylish; so what was the problem?
This got me thinking about how comfort zone, surroundings and expectations often influence our personal choices. I think,when I was at the resort, being in different surroundings and atmosphere than normal, I was able to easily step out of my "comfort zone" of dress and be a little more carefree. Being in my "normal" environment, surrounded by people I normally see, for me wearing something "trendy" made me feel out of place. I was surprised at myself, because, although I am not trendy per se, I consider myself stylish and am not generally worried about what I am wearing compared to what people I'm with are wearing. For example, I would not feel out of place if everyone was wearing jeans and I was wearing a dress. My husband wears a suit to work everyday, so when we go out to dinner he likes to be casual, I like to dress up, so we are often miss matched, c'est la vie!! So this is why I started to think about "comfort zones" (my husband often says I over analyze things!!).

Thinking about this, I realized I have a fall uniform:

J Crew Jeans J Crew Velvet Blazer
Michael Kors Purse Kitten Heels
Running errands, grabbing lunch with a friend or shopping on a typical fall day you will see me in some variation of dark boot cut jeans, a J Crew black velvet blazer, kitten heels and a hobo style purse. I change the accessories, sometimes a scarf, sometimes a chunky necklace, sometimes a print shirt, sometimes a corduroy jacket or long sweater, but the basic ensemble stays the same. I have kitten heels in different colors, leather and suede.

Michael Kors Jacket Cole Haan boots

Or I will add a printed jacket, I have many, and kitten heeled low boots. I brought the topic of "uniforms" and "comfort zone" up at dinner with girlfriends the other night, and one of them said, fall is coming you will soon bring out the kitten heels!! But think of it, we all have some sort of "uniform" that we fall back on that we feel best in. How many times have you thought, I have to look good so I'll wear such and such because that's my best look?

All 3 shoes by Calvin Klein from my closet

Wearing flats felt out of place to me because, above, are a sample of the heels I usually wear out at night; they are my comfort zone for evening.
So the question is........ If you feel confident and stylish in your "comfort zone", should you mix it up? With fashion today, (and partially thanks to the Sex and the City girls who mixed it up well!!) there are no hard and fast rules. Well, having said that, I would consider a good cut and a good fit a rule not to break (just think of "mom jeans"!!). Individuality is often expressed with fashion choices and good ones stay in vogue; What images are conjured when you think of Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve, Coco Chanel...... they are just a few style icons who stayed true to their look, had basic style principals that they hung onto and whose style still reigns supreme. The look of confidence that you get when feeling good about yourself is the best fashion accessory you can have!! This comes from being in your "comfort zone", whether it be trying out the newest trends or wearing your same fall uniform!! Embracing yourself and your style is key!!
Having said that, I think I might inch out of my "comfort zone" this fall and purchase an item in the classic style I'm comfortable with but in a beautiful buttery color or animal print, such as the boots below. Or in a great color like the turquoise Kooba bag I'm crazy for!!

Over the knee boots and python boots by Stuart Weitzman at Nordstroms and Kooba Hadley bag from Neiman Marcus.

Afterall, feeling good, feeling confident and fabulous accessories, are great luxuries!!

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  1. I too - love feeling good, confident and happy with nice ensembles....