Friday, August 6, 2010


When choosing things for my personal interiors, I generally go with earthtones with occasional pops of grayed colors such as greens and blues. I don't have any white walls or ceilings in my home; I love the look of white walls in photos, but don't think I could personally live with white walls, since my furnishings are warm colors, I would always want to "warm them up". Having said that, as I was shopping for flowers yesterday, my daughter asked, "Mommy why do you always pick white roses?". That got me thinking, that even though I consider myself an earthtone gal, there are certain things that I always choose in white. In certain areas, I can't resist the clean, crisp, simply elegant, lovely feeling that white represents.

Roses for sure!!!! Always found in my house.

These roses are still going strong after almost 3 weeks!! I couldn't bare to throw them out, plus I like the way the slightly browned edges look with the golden frames and golden veining of my bathroom marble. I trim the tips of the roses every few days and change their water, this keeps them going for a long time!!

White kitchens. Again my dream kitchen, Lynda Reeves of Canadian House & Home.

White bathrooms. This one is from Canadian House & Homes. The textures and details give this white bathroom a sophisticated, elegant and crisp feel. I am adding this to my dream house list!!

White bedding, always!! This is from Scandia Downs website. Luxurious like a soft cloud, you are destined for sweet dreams!!

I always go for white dishes. These are Aegean White by L'Object (I think I must start collecting them!!). I love, not only the look, but that you can mix so much with them. A large white dinner plate with a small patterned salad plate on top is so elegant and versatile. An all white table with a burst of color from the napkins or flower arrangement can take on so many styles!! Playful, fun, elegant, dramatic, it's endless!!

White table linens. Again, as above, starting with all white and accessorizing can give you endless possibilities!!! Look how divine, serene and elegant the subtle green hues added to the white make this wedding table, featured in Veranda, look. The beauty goes on and on.......

There is something so clean, lovely and fresh about white candles. Not only in one of my favorites, Jo Malone, but in pillars, tapers, votives...... I always go for white.

To me, nothing says luxury like a clean, fresh smelling, soft stack of white towels!! I always choose white towels. They bleach like a dream and always seem spa like to me!!

Can't forget a cool, crisp, floral glass of white wine!! My go to!!

By the way, my daughter got 3 beautiful hot pink roses for her room. Hot pink is her go to color!! Starting my day thinking about white, clean, fresh accessories and rooms, has added a little bit of luxury to my morning. Now, time for a shower with a clean, white towel!!!

What colors are you drawn to?

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