Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ethan Allen Upholstered Headboards

I have a client that is looking for a headboard for her new condo bedroom. I looked at her room; She had painted her walls a light grey, had selected graphic patterned black and white bedding and had ebony furniture. The bed is the first thing you will see when you enter the room, so she wanted a headboard that would be dramatic. She had selected a beautiful, big, curvy ebony bed. It was certainly a dramatic shape, but with the colors, the existing furniture, the size of the room and the bedding already selected, I thought the size and color of the bed would be overwhelming for the space. I thought a white, curvy shaped upholstered headboard with a black "crystal" chandelier hanging above would give her the drama and the effect she was looking for and work well with the existing selections.
I have had upholstered headboards custom made for clients before, this can be a pricey option. I was looking for something more budget friendly. I was so pleased when I saw the upholstered headboards from Ethan Allen. I have always thought that Ethan Allen has a great quality product with a good price. They have done a great job lately of offering a wide variety of furniture styles to choose from. Most people think of them as being very traditional, as in years past, but they have broken out of that mold.
I thought the Alison headboard, shown below, would be perfect for my client's needs. The price is great on these, $799 for starting fabrics; the price varies according to the grade of fabric chosen. That is a great price point for the quality and the detail that each of these has. I want the Alison myself!! I had an Ethan Allen bedroom set, from the age of 5, that my daughter has in her room now. It has held up really well!! I also have a few Ethan Allen sofas in my home that have stood up to lots of wear (I should blog about some of the trials these sofas have seen!!) , so I feel confident that these headboards will stand the test of time.
Finding a stylish, well made product at an affordable price is a luxury worth sharing!!

Ethan Allen Jenson Headboard

Ethan Allen Isabel Headboard

Ethan Allen Alison Headboard

The Jenson Headboard dressed up.


  1. Hi Mary,
    I really enjoy your posts. I also like the Alison headboard. Do you know if it can be attached to an existing bed frame? My bed is solid cherry and in excellent condition; I'd just like to update the headboard. Thanks!