Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Oldie But Goodie......

Remember this before and after from an earlier post on recovering furniture? The before picture was a chair a client had found. It was in bad condition, but like Charlie Brown said of his Christmas Tree, "All it needed was a little love", and I added, "and the right fabric!! " I think it dressed up well with a bright pop of color and a flirty little skirt!!

Before -----------------------After
Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when looking through Horchow's website to find the Nicole Chair (pictured below). It is similar in style and color to our "dressed up" chair. The Nicole Chair is more tailored than our chair, the silk fabric used allows for a more tailored box pleat. We used a velvet, so I thought a more "free flowing" skirt would suit the strength of the fabric. But both chairs are similar in size, color and shape. The original chair did not have a skirt, but I thought the shape called for one - looks like I was right!!

Horchow's Nicole Chair -------------------Our flirty little number
I thought it amusing that I took the picture at almost the same angle as the Nicole Chair. I took the picture over a year ago.

But not in price!! The Nicole Chair retails for $1799 with a shipping cost of $125. The reupholstered chair was a fraction of that cost. The original chair was free, the fabric used cost $300 and the labor was $200 - for a total of $500!! I think they both seem like elegant little jewels for a room. What a luxury it is to recycle a found object into a beautiful piece that people would pay a nice price for. A little imagination and design know how can take you far!!

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