Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Random Photo and a Post.......

I found this photo at Canadian House and Home. I like it. I like the composition. I like the older distressed look of the mirror frame contrasted against the white, sculptural table lamp. I like the mix of the feminine roses and pale hues contrasted with the more masculine box and brass trinket with the number 22 (not sure what to call it). I like that the vignette seems to tell a story, where is the plate from, what does the 22 represent, why the choice of books, were they special to the owner at one time? I like the pale aquas mixed with the browns, that color combination is found in several areas of my home. I like the subtle reflection of wallpaper from the room in the mirror.
This got me thinking about choices that we make to represent ourselves. Ever since I was a young girl I was fascinated by what people chose for themselves. Their clothes, their shoes, their personal belongings, their hairstyle...... There are thousands of choices out there, why do we gravitate to some and steer away from others? I still am fascinated to this day with personal style choices, that is why I do what I do. I not only love design, but I love helping somebody bring the things and the style they love into their home; a home is a reflection of self. I went shopping yesterday, there were several women in the store with me, we were all choosing different items and styles of clothing to try on. There were hundreds of choices. Why did we each choose different items? Was it price point, body style, comfort level, influence from childhood, influence from friends, influence from fashion magazines? These things fascinate me!! That's why I love the idea of design journaling ( see my post from June 24). You can keep track of your influences.
The beauty of it is that there is choice!! Maybe at times too much. We are able to play it safe within our comfort level or be daring and mix it up!! We can mix vintage and modern, old and new, different styles, colors, textures.... The possibilities are endless!! The key is to have fun with design and fashion. A lot of people impose rules on what to do, what is right and wrong, what height to hang things at, how to place accessories..... so much that most people become frozen before trying something new thinking about all the things they could do wrong!! Most of the time these are not rules, but suggestions on how to start; to me that is the best way to look at things. What better luxury is there then to jump in feet first and see where your inspiration will take you?
I would love to hear your comments!!

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  1. I believe the "22" is an old fashioned parents have one similar to it.