Monday, July 5, 2010

A weekend full of

This weekend I did what I set out to do!! I went to the nursery (a few times) and got flowers for my container gardening, on my deck, and perennials for the beds I had dug. I spent a great portion of the weekend planting and arranging pots. I think I did good!! Above are close ups of some of the variety of plants I chose; I will do a post on container gardening and arranging pots at a later date, I am going to wait to my pots fill out a bit.
I decided to keep it simple. I planted lavender, with a silver ground cover border, in the beds. I love lavender!! It smells so divine and when it fills out looks so delicate and lush!! I chose Hidecote Blue, which is dark purple and think it looks very elegant with the silver leaves of the ground cover. I can't wait for it to fill out!! It is at the edge of my deck, on either side of the stairs, so when the breeze blows over it, it fills the deck with such a wonderful fragrence!!
I used a lot of color this year in the pots. I usually keep it more natural and leafy, but for some reason the bright pop of color caught my eye this year. That is the fun of container gardening, you can add what you want and move them around. You are not stuck with the same type of flower every year. Go with the flow!! I created a new seating area by my daughter's play area and added a few pots there too. Now, finally, my yard is almost complete!! I hope it cools off this evening so I can sit out and enjoy it; right now, I am taking refuge from the heat in the air conditioned house, with a tall glass of sparkling water!! To me, at this moment, that is a great luxury!!!

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