Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend, here we come!!

Love this stone liner, wonder if I'll have the patience for doing it!!

I always add a tall and spikey plant to my containers

Violas and pansies ,planted close together to form a big cluster, are my favorite!!

Trailing out of the pot, so elegant

I love a rooftop garden!!

Simple, green and lush!!
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Weekend here we come!! I have had such a busy week, this is my first time posting!! I am planning on taking it easy this weekend. This is the first 4th of July weekend we have stayed at home in the last 5 years!! My plan is to add my container garden to my deck and surrounding yard. I am very late this year doing so, but we had 2 families of groundhogs living under our deck and until we had them relocated, planting was a futile effort!! We had 2 last year and they ate almost every plant in the 20 planters I had on the deck!! This year we had 16 taken away!! My containers would have been a lovely buffet for the little guys!! But, now that this seems to be taken care of, I can concentrate on my plants.
I'm not sure what plants are left to choose from, so late in the season, but I will approach this with an open mind. Big, soft bundles of pansies are my favorite in a pot. In my experience, you have to buy them early in the season, they go fast. They are always cheerful and hardy. One year I found the most beautiful pale blue pansies, gorgeous!! But this year I am looking for anything lush and low maintainance!! I am using the above photos as my inspiration, I like the pots full and lush!! Wish me luck in finding some plants at this time!! I will post pictures of what I find. Give yourself the luxury of having a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Love all the pots, so beautiful. I've been buying a few plants so this is inspiring!!!

    Happy happy fourth!