Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Write It Down, Make It Happen......

A luxurious life can be defined by many things; some may think it's living a life of leisure in an opulent setting with all the best items money can buy. Some may think that it's having a close knit family , a secure home and a great group of friends. The key is, your luxuries are defined by you. You know what makes you happy, you know what you like to be surrounded with, you know what you like to do and life only becomes luxurious when you are able to define what you want and need and seek those things out. Not just to go after what you think others might want for you or what is popular at the time. The "brass ring" that you grab has to be what you want or you won't be satisfied.

I found a book, while browsing at Barnes and Noble the other day, that is called, "Write It Down, Make It Happen", by Henriette Anne Krauser. It's premise is that setting your intent, focusing on the outcome, being clear about what you want in life can make your dreams come true. It is full of stories of people who have done that and achieved their goals and has simple exercises to help you start. I bought a copy, I am only half way through it, but am really enjoying it. I am a big proponent of journaling, I have posted about design journaling and how that can help you define what you want in your home, how it can help you define your personal style and make it easier to spot it when you see it; this book takes it a step further. It is about setting your goals, seeing them on paper to help you focus and make them a reality. It can be about anything in your life, your relationships, your home, your career; one key component of happiness is being able to know what you want and be in control of how to get it. Only you can make you happy, nobody else can. Others may help enjoy in your happiness, but only you know where that comes from.

I have started writing down goals every morning. What I like most about this is I start the day off full of possibility. That is a really luxurious way to start the day!! There are lots of things I want to achieve, see and do and writing them down keeps me focused and makes me excited about what's to come!! Even writing about problem situations, how you would like the outcome to be, how you think you can control it from your vantage can help you come up with a solution or at least help you control how you can deal with it or make peace with it. Having a truly luxurious life goes beyond material items, it is being able to define your dreams and start living them. I wish you luxury everyday!!

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